Africa has a great cultural load and a fascinating and nutritious gastronomy with delicious and refreshing traditional drinks. These will allow you to savor its originality and natural appearance, without chemical additives (in most cases).

In this article we will take a tour of the continent to recognize some of the typical drinks of Africa.


Gnamankoudji, gnamacoudji, nyamakuji or gnamakoudji

This is how ginger juice could be said according to the West African tradition, it means «chile water»; the word originates from yulá, a vernacular of the merchants of this region.

Ginger juice is a juice that is consumed in several West African countries, including Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Senegal. It is prepared with ginger zest, peppermint and lemon juice. The mixture of these ingredients is left to rest for about thirty minutes, to obtain a stronger flavor. Some people add lime to give it an extra touch of acidity. Others prefer to flavor their juice with some mint leaves, vanilla sugar, pineapple juice, or guinea sorrel.



This is one of the most popular cocktails on the African continent; It is a drink that is characterized by being creamy and with a touch of mint, extremely refreshing on the palate. It is prepared with Amarula liqueur, Vodka, mint cream and American cream, butter cream or ice cream.


Touba coffee

One of the most popular drinks in Africa is Touba coffee, a spicy and intense coffee typical of Senegal. It is made with ground roasted coffee beans and Selim (Ethiopian Pepper) beans. It is used today in religious ceremonies, but it is also part of everyday life in Senegal. It is mainly enjoyed for breakfast and is easily found at popular street stalls (tanganas).


Topé or Palm Wine

This juice is part of the range of typical drinks that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea offers to the palate; It is made from the fermentation of the sap of different types of palm trees (Silver Date Palm, Palmyra, Indian Wine Palm, Oil Palm).



Our search among the most typical drinks of Africa noS now leads to the zobo, a drink made from dried hibiscus rose leaves, garlic, ginger and pineapple; This has a bitter taste although it can be sweetened.

It can be used to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and stress.