Traveling to Ethiopia is to enter the oldest and most unknown Africa, to a country whose corners hold mysteries, a rich history and splendid fauna, and this is what makes Ethiopia a unique destination!

The reasons for traveling to this corner of the African continent never end, mainly because it is a place on Earth of enormous relevance in the history of human beings. But from Only One, we have prepared a special list for you and your adventurous instinct, capable of offering you the most relevant reasons that will convince you to travel to Ethiopia.

Get closer to the cradle of humanity

Ethiopia is considered the origin of the first settlements of humanity, highlighting the paleontological discovery in 1974 of «Lucy», considered the first woman in the world! and, in 2006 from «Selam», the first infantile hominid !.

The oldest human evidence ever found! Imagine being able to unearth your ancestors in just one trip. Incredible right?

An authentic land

Ethiopia’s wealth also lies in the diversity of its geographical and historical heritage.

In fact, Ethiopia is the African country with the highest number of monuments declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In it, we can find hot and desert regions such as that of the Somalis or the Danakil desert. Mountainous and cool regions like Lalibela or the Simen Mountains. Flat and green regions such as the valleys of the Tekezé or the Blue Nile. Incredible endemic species of fauna and flora, and innumerable evidence of the impressive interest in religious culture in the country, such as the wonderful and enigmatic churches carved out of the Lalibela stone, considered the eighth wonder of the world.

This diversity will not fail to delight you as you learn to understand their common identity, above regional disparities.

It is an open, multilingual country with great religious and cultural diversity

Ethiopians are characterized by their extraordinary kindness and ease of welcoming all their visitors with the utmost cordiality and respect. This contributes to this character the guarantee of high security in a country where robberies or other crimes are very rare.

It is also the second most populous country in Africa, behind Nigeria and stands out for its plurality and religious tolerance with 60% of the Christian population (Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics) and 30% Muslims.

In addition, Ethiopia’s multi-millennial history carries with it a vastly unknown diversity and richness, boasting a unique and atypical culture in Africa. This identity is affirmed in areas as diverse as architecture, music, gastronomy or spoken languages. Nowhere else on the continent is such a cultural mosaic found.

The origin of coffee

Ethiopia is also said to produce one of the best coffees in the world and that this is where it was born. It is part of the cultural identity of Ethiopians and they have a ritual that is repeated every day: a whole ceremony to keep alive a tradition inherited from their ancestors!

Gastronomy, a wide diversity

Ethiopian cuisine is a delight. Diverse and surprising, spicy but not too much. The custom is that all diners eat from the same plate and with their fingers. As dessert there is a great variety of sweet and ripe fruits and, his most typical dish is Injera, consisting of fermented bread on which meat, fish, vegetables or a thick lentil puree are put.

Traveling to Ethiopia represents an interesting personal experience

Discovering this incredible country leaves the feeling of discovering something really very special in yourself. It is being willing to exceed your limits, to live in sometimes rudimentary conditions, to meet people in great need and to face the unknown. In short, go to adventure!

In this country there are as many forms of tourism as you want and without disappointing lovers of strong emotions and total disinhibition.

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