For you who are considering trying solo travel, we decided to put together some tips on what to do before you leave home alone, as well as what to expect once you’re on the road:

-Choose your destination wisely.

-Reserve your accommodation in advance.

-Make a communication plan.
Don’t be surprised if family and friends express some concern about your solo travel plans. Traveling alone is still out of the ordinary in many communities, and is often considered a dangerous activity, doubly so if you’re a woman.

-Pack appropriately. Of course, you’ll want to take the weather into account when packing your suitcase, but you should also do a little homework to find out if there are any cultural standards you should be aware of before heading to your chosen destination.

-Carry copies of important documents. Passport, tickets, reservation confirmations…

-Get travel insurance
It’s not pleasant to think about, but getting injured/sick is a possibility every time you travel.