Traveling is not necessarily equivalent to going on vacation or filling yourself with luxuries, but to going out to discover all the worlds that are inside it. And for that, you don’t need a lot of money.

Other things are needed: adaptability, empathy, lightness, openness, predisposition, desire.

The money only serves us to speed up certain procedures and cover certain needs that we can also cover without money outside the tourist circuit. The first step to travel with little money (or nothing at all) is to change certain social parameters that we accept as «unique» or «correct».

These are some recommendations that you can apply if you want to save or have a low budget:


-Avoid tourist restaurants. They are always more expensive.

– Find out the prices in advance so that you are not overcharged for being a foreigner.

-Search for prices online of the place where you will stay before reaching your destination.

-Find out low cost airlines.

– Carry little luggage.

-Travel out of season.

-Do not spend money on a taxi unless you are in a hurry.

-Use the metro, combis, buses, taxi-buses, buses and all types of public transport that are available.

-Do not change money at the airport, it is usually more expensive. Wait until you reach the city center and go to the exchange houses.

-In big cities there are usually many free events: check the city government website, it almost always has a section on free cultural activities.

-If you want to take a guided tour of a city, find out if there are “Free walking tours” or “Tours for tips”: free group walks (the guide is usually tipped).

-Enter travel forums and blogs and read the experiences of other travelers.


The best travel experiences are free: watch the sunset, make new friends, chat with people, swim in the sea, pet cats, feel the pulse of a city, walk through a landscape, share moments with others, look at the stars .