Always remember to ensure your safety both inside and outside your country, these tips will be useful when choosing the safest way to take care of yourself:


-If you are thinking of buying a package or reserving plane tickets, hotels, tours, etc. well in advance, it makes A LOT of sense that your insurance has a trip cancellation or interruption coverage because if something happens you can be sure that you can get your money back.

-More than knowing what your insurance includes, it is VERY important that you know that it does NOT include you and in which cases you will not be covered. Most travel insurance, although they cover medical issues, are for emergencies, that is, they do not cover pre-existing conditions or even illnesses related to a pre-existing condition.

-On some other occasions if you buy your insurance when you are already traveling, which is possible, they ask you to wait 3 days for it to take effect, if you have an accident in those 3 days of travel you will not be covered. That is why it is important to buy your travel insurance as soon as possible.

-It is true that you can save money in many ways without having to sacrifice quality, but there are times when to obtain quality you have to pay a little more.