Who has not dreamed at some time in his life of traveling the world and being paid for it?

Fortunately for most mortals, the development of the internet, social networks and blogs have brought this dream closer to many people who enjoy traveling and discovering new destinations the most.

For this reason, so that you are one step closer to fulfilling your dream of living from travel, or simply to tell your friends or followers about the places you visit as if you were an expert, we have decided to make a small list of tips:


-Inquire in travel guides, magazines, blogs and history books everything you need to have previous knowledge about the destination you are going to visit.

-Make a list of tourist attractions that you can’t miss for any reason.

-Document everything.

-During your trip always have a camera, a voice recorder and a notebook to take notes, or what is easier, a smartphone.

-Take notes of every situation you experience.

-Skip for moments of the official travel guides, of the emblematic tourist monuments and look for those authentic things of the destinations that few tourists manage to know.

-Visit restaurants, market places, community events; get up early and walk without stopping.

-In addition to your responsibility for data collection and reporting, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the place you visit.

-Make new friends, meet the locals and their stories, party, go to a concert, read a book in a garden, let yourself be captivated by the environment and the local magic, you will see that this way you can collect more than one story out of the usual.