A family safari in Africa offers many opportunities for children to benefit from unique educational, cultural and developmental experiences. As parents, you too experience the journey through the eyes of your children with increased curiosity and enthusiasm.

While traveling with kids definitely doesn’t have to be a nightmare, you might feel a little intimidated if you haven’t traveled together in years. With these tips in hand, you can be better prepared!


Be patient

Do not be demanding with the guides or the drivers. Don’t lose patience. When you least expect it, a scene taken from a documentary appears. Enjoy every moment with your family.


slow down the pace

As per nature, it is important to slow down in every way during your safari in Africa. You can only enjoy the silence of nature if you treat yourself to a break together.


An accommodation for exclusive use

Depending on the size, an exclusive use house or villa is perfect for a single family or a larger group with close friends and family. The spacious rooms allow all members of the family to spread out in a safe environment.