To make your vacation in Africa round, always keep these recommendations in mind. Take note!.


Have an open mind

You have to be prepared to tackle the potholes. Although safaris are organized tours, there are factors that tour operators cannot control. Regardless, we guarantee that the effort will be worth it.


Find out about the best time of year to go on safari

Although the exact months vary by destination, the dry season is often the best time to go on safari to Africa.


Choose comfortable and breathable clothing

The main thing is to choose breathable clothing, in neutral colors that blend in with those of the savannah and, finally, that adjust to changes in temperatures throughout the day.


Take a camera with you

Another of our tips for going to Africa has to do with photography.


Take out health insurance

Although in the capitals of some countries there are quality private hospitals and good health professionals, the truth is that the price of health care is usually quite high and, on some occasions, the patient is required to make the payment in advance. Hence, it is advisable to take out insurance before your trip that covers all contingencies.