Whether traveling for business or pleasure, your carry-on needs to be travel-ready. Learn how to pack your carry-on efficiently, including the essentials and what to avoid.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you are going to carry your hand luggage in a backpack or in a suitcase.

Which is better? Both options have pros and cons and we believe that the answer is very personal and will depend on your needs.

-Do not overdo it with the luggage. Think about what you are really going to need on your trip and don’t overdo your clothes.

-Go warm on your trip. To avoid putting the clothes that take up the most in your hand luggage, you can wear them.

-Organize the clothes well inside the suitcase. Once you have the list -it can be mental- of things you need to take on your trip, it’s time to put everything in the suitcase.

-Bring the necessary shoes. Depending on your destination or reason for the trip, you will need some shoes or others.

-Put necessary things. Do not forget to put in your hand luggage the things you will need on your trip, such as shower flip-flops, which always come in handy and do not take up space.