Are you planning to take a trip soon? We give you some tips so you don’t leave anything pending.


-Choose your destination, the most important thing is to choose the place you are going to travel to and, above all, on what dates you are going to do it.

-Reserve accommodation for the trip. It is also important to decide how you want to stay in your destination.

-It is important that you look at how you are going to move in your destination, if you are going to use public transport you should find out if you need a transport card, city pass… etc.

-A good tip is to make an itinerary of what you want to see and visit per day, so you can see if a tour or museum is not available on certain days of the week.

-Review the documentation. Now to travel it is important that you carry all the papers in order, especially the Vaccination Certificate

-It is important that you look at which countries accept one type of card or another and we recommend that you always carry some cash.