If you have thought about taking a trip to Africa soon, in times of coronavirus, probably the first thing you ask yourself is Under what conditions? I can travel? What are the requirements to enter? Which countries have opened their borders? … We have already answered several of these questions in our article on the Best destinations to travel to Africa in 2021, a guide on the entry requirements of the countries of this great continent that we recommend for this 2021.

But, today, we will give you some tips that you should take into account to plan your trip to the destination you select within the many countries that have opened the doors to tourists in Africa.


  • Do not travel if you have symptoms related to the coronavirus: fever, profuse cough, respiratory problems … Nor if you have had recent contact with a person who has tested positive. This is paramount even for countries outside of Africa.


  • Reducing the risk of getting COVID-19 starts from the moment you make decisions when booking your flight, for example, avoiding layovers and trying to choose nearby destinations (in case you are traveling for pleasure).


  • Check the website of the airline you plan to use to see what security measures they have in place at their terminals and planes.


  • Register in the Registry of Travelers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a very useful tool, especially in case of having to be located in an emergency.


  • Do a general investigation of epidemiological data, and national safety and travel measures in relation to the coronavirus, such as quarantine requirements and diagnostic tests of the destination country.


  • Find out more clearly about the measures applied to travelers from higher risk areas (tests and self-quarantine).


The best way to travel safely is to prepare your trip well in advance. Whatever the reason for your trip to Africa, getting information in advance is essential to avoid problems and even emergency situations.