The first advice that we will give you before starting our list is that when thinking about Africa, do not do it thinking about a single thing, because we are talking about a continent of 30.37 million km² where 1,320,000,000 people live, so it includes this in a single word … it is somewhat complicated.

You will have to forget all your preconceptions about the continent and wait for it to surprise you.


Don’t try to understand everything you see

«How can they do this?» «Why don’t they do this other?» These are questions that probably come to mind when visiting culturally very different places.

In those moments, think that you see the world according to your learning and what is logical for you does not have to be for others. Nobody has the truth.


Do not stay only with the tourist’s vision

When traveling we must always take into account that we need a lot of information to create a strong enough concept of the place we have visited. This happens wherever we go, especially in less developed countries where the life of the tourist is one and that of the local people quite another.


Connect with local people

Traveling is one of the most enriching activities for a person, so don’t be afraid to enrich yourself by sharing experiences and thoughts with local people.



If you have the ability to travel to another country, you have to be able to open your mind all that is necessary to (without neglecting your values) to be able to adapt to the customs of the place where you are, you are doing well.