Tips for air travel begin long before you set foot at the airport. If we want everything to go well, preparations must be made in advance, so some of the things to take into account are:


Find basic information about your destination

One of the first tips for air travel is to find out details such as the best time to visit your destination and when the low season is. Thus, you will find cheaper prices.


rest and eat well

Among the most important tips for traveling by plane, we must mention sleeping 8 hours 💤 the night before the flight and eating salads and fruits so that your guts do not twist in the air.


Check in online

It is available 48 or 24 hours before the trip, and allows you to choose your seat. Doing this procedure online will save you time at the airport and you will avoid long lines.


Save all your documents

Of the tips for traveling by plane, one of the most important is to carry your identification and passport at hand, since it is very likely that they will ask you before boarding and at other times of the trip.


Arrive at the airport on time

Don’t trust the clock! This is one of the best tips for traveling by plane, because it is recommended to be there 1 or 2 hours before the flight depending on whether it is national or international.