Being inside the air terminal, the adventure is just beginning! That is why you should still follow these 👉 tips to travel by plane and avoid setbacks. Here is a list of things you should do before boarding:


Check your luggage as soon as possible

This can be done 1 or 2 hours before your flight. And it is done in time to avoid the long lines and to be able to solve any inconvenience with the suitcases.


Pass the security check

Place the passport, clothes, keys and everything that is metal on the X-ray scanner tape. It is normal to give in to nerves in this situation, but serenity will be the key to overcome it. Some meditation exercises wouldn’t hurt, by the way.


Locate your boarding gate

If you don’t know the number, look it up on the screens at the airport. One of the tips for traveling by plane is to stay close to the assigned boarding gate and thus avoid having to run so as not to miss the flight.


Do not buy at the airport!

An excellent tip for air travel and saving money is not to pay for food, clothing, or items at an airport terminal, as things are generally much more expensive at the airport than elsewhere. Your pocket will thank you.


Respect health measures

Speaking of tips for traveling by plane, we remind you that you must bring your mask, antibacterial gel or alcohol, and maintain social distancing! Avoid bad times later.

And of course, it never hurts to carry spare masks, both for the flight and when you land at your destination.