In general, Tanzania is a safe country that does not offer great complications and that also presents endless reasons to visit its lands. However, it is sensible to take the necessary precautions and adhere to the advice offered by the government and travel agencies when traveling.

So today, from Only One, we bring you a brief review with some tips for traveling Tanzania:


Tanzania travel insurance

Before traveling to any country, make sure that, if you suffer any unforeseen event, that you are not caught uninsured. Outbreaks, local infections, quarantines, etc. They are some of the situations that you can find.

So you should look for the best travel insurance to Tanzania if you are planning an adventure in a country where safaris, the beaches of Zanzibar and one of the roofs of Africa, Kilimanjaro, are protagonists.


Health and vaccines

There are vaccinations that are necessary for a trip to Tanzania. And although no mandatory vaccination is required to travel to Tanzania, we recommend that you have vaccines for tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhus and yellow fever. For Malaria there are no vaccines, but there are pills, so take some.



Tanzania is a destination considered safe with great political and territorial stability, but always maintain an attitude of prudence and prevention as in any trip in a place that you hardly know.

Follow the advice of the guides, avoid walking alone at night in cities or little crowded places and do not display money or expensive items in public.


Luggage for the trip

Take into account the type of trip you will take and what destinations you will visit. So if you are going on a safari, bring the minimum luggage and make it transportable, taking up as little space as possible. You have to choose your clothes well and also your shoes, which must be comfortable.

Prepare your mobile phone and your photographic equipment carefully and thoroughly to be able to get the essential souvenir photos.


Passport and visas

In Tanzania an entry visa is required for all foreigners, both for vacation trips and for business stays … The passport must be in order with a minimum validity of 6 months ahead.


Accommodation in Tanzania and Zanzibar

With Only One it’s easy to plan and book your vacation. Among the hotels you can book at our agency, you can choose between a suite like the Kilindi Zanzibar, which offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, with a calm sea breeze flowing into the open space, and delights for all the senses. Kirinji Zanzibar, a white domed room surrounded by 50 acres of lush tropical gardens, one of the world’s leading luxury boutique hotels. Or the Essque Zalu Zanzibar is located near a lush forest.