The African continent has different ideal destinations to discover as a family. From medieval cities such as Marrakech or Ksar in Morocco, the Victoria Falls in Zambia and immeasurable deserts such as the Sahara, which occupies several countries in its extension! But of all that Africa has to offer, what destinations are ideal to visit with children? ?

In general, when we think of taking a long trip with the little ones, we tend to think more of Japan, the United States or a country in Europe, they are more developed countries, with large infrastructures designed for the whole family.

African destinations, on the other hand, are not usually a destination that habitually comes to mind when planning for children included. And, obviously, what is most scary is that the child has some complication on the trip, and as a father or mother, not knowing how health care will respond in the country where you are; it is a factor that is as important as safety.

Although, we comment that, despite all the prejudices or the situation of some of the countries of this huge and diverse continent, planning your family trip is not impossible and, everything will depend on the destinations you select with the help of this practical guide that We will provide you today with tips for traveling to Africa with children.


Take precautions about how the health services of your destination work

You must choose your destination according to how comfortable you feel with how the health system works, therefore, check how it works before buying any ticket. Also, it would be convenient for you to go through the international vaccination center.


Check how safe your destination is

In this case, unlike the previous one, you must take the logical precautions, there should not be any type of problem for you or for the little ones. Plan this trip more than others. Try not to leave much to improvisation and surprises.



Choose a destination that, in addition to being safe, provides the little ones with an unforgettable experience.


They may have to convince you, it is likely that they are more open-minded than you, so, if necessary, you should prepare them and warn them that they are going to a place very different from their residence. Another culture, other traditions …