If you think of Zambia, the Victoria Falls or its safaris will surely come to mind.

But Zambia is much more than that and, we assure you that its impressive natural beauty, the warmth and the joy of the people are the best memories you will take of it.

In this post, from Only One, we will give you some tips to visit a country of exuberant nature like Zambia.


Requirements to travel to Zambia: passport and visa

The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months and you will also need a visa to enter the country.

This visa also allows you to enter Zimbabwe, a destination that is often combined with Zambia. If you use this option, keep in mind that the stay cannot exceed 30 days.

Ah! And an important fact: you need to present your round trip ticket to enter the country.



There are no mandatory ones, but you always have vaccines that can be recommended to keep you calm, such as tetanus and typhus.

You can also opt for prevention:

  • Use repellants.
  • Close the windows from 4 in the afternoon, when you notice that the insects begin to activate.
  • Use the mosquito nets and try to keep them closed as long as possible.



Zambia is one of the calmest and least dangerous countries on the African continent.

But we recommend that before and during the trip we recommend that any information related to safety, health, administrative procedures such as the issuance of visas, etc. is verified with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the traveler’s country.


Travel insurance

This is the first precaution you should take: take out travel insurance.

As you can imagine, you will not find hospitals everywhere and where there are, health care is sometimes not what you want.

Sometimes one of these nonsense can spoil a trip that you have spent a lot of money on.


The snakes

In territories such as around the houses, in the bush, and on top of the trees there are quite a few poisonous species to watch out for.

The one that stands out the most is the black mamba, a snake whose bite is deadly and which is territorial. This means that it does not flee, it attacks.

But the normal thing is that you do not get to see any, in the tourist areas everything is very well cared for and clean to avoid attracting them.


Types of plugs

The normal thing is that the plugs that you find are those of the UK, which is the typical Zambian plug and belongs to type G.

But Zambia has a mix of English plugs and South African plugs.




Zambia is a destination where you can still feel like a traveler and not just another tourist. There are virgin areas to explore in the 750,000 km that form in these lands of incredible colors and exuberant nature.

So go ahead and explore it!