It is true that you always have to be prepared for everything. That is why we want to give you some advice if you are going to travel to a country and do not control the language:


Try to memorize some words

It is important to memorize some basic words of the language, such as: Hello, bye-bye, please, thank you, help, I don’t understand you…etc.


Non-verbal language is important

When we don’t know the language, nodding yes or no or pointing to a point on the street or on the map can get us out of trouble.


bring a dictionary

Remember that there may be some points in the city where there is no Internet connection


Hire a travel agency

If you travel through a travel agency, it is important that it is in the same language as yours.


Learn the customs of the country

It is an important point because many times we run the risk of screwing up and doing something that could annoy the people of the country to which we are going to travel.