Although it may seem that the Christmas holidays are still far away in the perspective of the final stretch of the year, planning is one of the best formulas to increase the chances that our trip will be a total success.

A trip is a very frequent experience on these dates. But each trip is unique because each family also has its own circumstances. So not to forget anything you need, read this article with our Christmas travel tips:


Face it: everything will be more expensive

The more demand, the supply rises. In that sense, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. And the same happens when traveling. It is better to assume it.


Book in advance

Normally we leave everything to the last minute and we find ourselves without free places (flights, hotels, museums, musicals …) or that cost an arm and a leg. It is a mistake that is made very often.


Learn about the traditions of the destination

It is worth finding out, before traveling, what they do, what their meals consist of, where they celebrate, if gifts are given … It is interesting to know so as not to get surprises and, above all, as a way to integrate into their culture .


Bottles of wine or perfume in the checked suitcase

There are some clueless people who buy a bottle of wine or perfume at the airport with the idea of ​​giving it away, but later they find out that, according to the regulations on liquids on airplanes, it is allowed to transport alcohol in small bottles that are not allowed in hand luggage. exceed 100 ml.

So better put it in the suitcase to check in.