Packing a backpack or suitcase is the symbol of departure and a large part of the success of the trip will depend on it.

So today, from Only One, we have prepared a list of tips to make your ideal backpack.


Choose the backpack well

The main thing is the quality: in addition to the weight, the shape and the size that will depend on the type of trip.

Before buying it, it is advisable to check the backpack to check that the fabric is resistant at the base and the front and that the interior seams are lined to avoid wear. Weather resistant coating is very important.


Adapt the backpack to our type of trip

From a more physiological point of view, the total weight of the backpack should not exceed 15-20% of its own weight, that is, 12 kg maximum if one weighs 60 kg.

So if you are a backpacker, or you will simply pack your bags and then leave them at the hotel to go for a walk, you need to take into account what type of trip you will make and how you will move from one destination to another.


How to «pack the backpack»

In addition to weight distribution, it should not be forgotten that the functional aspect of the backpack organization is paramount. What are the objects that one is going to use first?


Backpack accessories

The shoulder bag, belt bag, fanny pack or document holder can be very practical accessories.


The contents of the backpack

The contents of the backpack are as important as its organization. The way to move will depend on its content and vice versa. Among the essential elements we highlight three: footwear, computer equipment and folding bags.