We know how terrible it is to go through an experience as traumatic as a robbery on a trip, that is why we have created this list of tips for you:

Buy a good padlock or metal net for your backpack or luggage to use in the accommodations or places you visit.
Do not trust yourself no matter how much you have traveled. You have to be alert but not stressed.
Distribute the cash you take on the trip and keep it in different places. Don’t carry it all with you. Ideally, you should take something with you and leave another part of the money in the locker of your hostel or hidden in the hotel.
The same happens if you have two or more bank cards. Try not to carry them in the same bag, so that if one is stolen you can still have the other.
Try to use the cards for small expenses. And if you have to withdraw money from ATMs, do it in supermarkets or inside banks.
Take out good travel insurance. Sometimes we do not see the utility if nothing happens to us. But the ideal of insurance is to have it so as not to use it. The peace of mind of traveling with it and knowing that you are covered if something happens comes at a cost.
Use an inside fanny pack to store your passport and some cash (whatever you think you need to get through the day).
Scan your passport, your identity card or ID and the rest of your documents and save them in the cloud or in your e-mail.
Try to inform yourself of the areas you visit to know if they are dangerous and until what hours you can walk through them. Ask at your accommodation or ask local people for advice.
Don’t act like a tourist. It’s normal to relax when you’re traveling, but that doesn’t mean you forget that you’re in a place you don’t know. It is important not to be too ostentatious or conspicuous by displaying sunglasses, phones or jewelry. You have to make the expression “do not give papaya” a good one in order to ward off the interest of potential thieves.
Learn to use the currency of the country and to deal with the exchange rate when haggling and to know the real price of the things you buy in that country. You can use an app or use a currency converter