Sometimes trips include a series of unforeseen events that do not depend on us. To prevent this from happening, and for our trip to be even better than expected, there are a series of recommendations:


Slowly enjoy destiny

Take advantage of every detail and every place you go, don’t go in a hurry. There is no waste in going slow, it will not make you more bored or unproductive.


look for quality

Take the opportunity to get to know what really matters, enjoy the architecture, the people, the landscapes, nature and everything that is really worthwhile.


Talk with the locals

No one can tell you a destination in a better way than the inhabitants of the place.



Learn as much as you can and from everyone as much as you can. In the end, what remains most of the trips are the memories.


enjoy the small

Mass tourism has come to evolve the way of doing tourism and has put everything in an immense perspective.