We know very well that flights are usually tedious, even more so when they are longer than we can bear. Here are some tips to make these long journeys more enjoyable:


Choose your flight carefully: if it is not easy for you to sleep on flights, traveling by day may be the ideal solution. So you can sleep when you arrive at your destination and avoid jet lag.

The seat makes the difference: if it is true that early risers do better, long flights can be the proof. Remember that many airlines allow you to check-in only 24 hours before the flight, so it is important that you set the alarm and be among the first to choose one of the best seats.

Take everything you need on board: dress in comfortable clothes and go prepared to be comfortable in hot or cold weather. Some essential items include a sleep mask, earplugs, a comfortable pillow, and a warm blanket, among others.

That you do not lack entertainment: the musical selection and the films offered on the flights are not always for all tastes. Go prepared with your own music, movies, television series and, of course, a good book.

Take advantage of what technology has to offer: download one of the many applications designed to help you fall asleep on the air, either with music to sleep or with alarms that help you regulate your sleep to adapt to the time of your destination.

Do we know each other from somewhere? Meeting new people is a great way to make time fly. Start a conversation with your neighbor, you never know where it might lead you.