The Todgha Gorges are a series of limestone river canyons, or wadi, in the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Being trapped between a deep ravine where a 300 m deep fault divides the orange limestone, without a doubt it is a sublime experience, the approach to such a place is simply exciting, as if the gates of heaven were about to close before you.

Here the Todra and Dades rivers have carved canyons into the cliffs on their final 25-mile stretch – in places this gorge is only 33 feet wide, but the cliffs are over 500 feet high on either side.


How to get?

Ouarzazate International Airport is the closest, being less than three hours away by car. Marrakech International Airport is another more popular option.


What is the best time to go?

Spring and autumn are the ideal times to go to this place, when the weather is cooler but not too cold. If you choose to come in the summer, you will have the place to yourself, but temperatures can rise to 40 degrees, and it is worth noting that many businesses close; If you come in winter, it would be best to avoid the snowy months from December to February, as it can get very cold.


What to do in the Todgha gorges?

There are many options to enjoy the gorge, you can choose from a walk in the open air, enjoy the scenery, soak up the culture by shopping for handicrafts or meet local people and make real connections in some lovely local towns.

And for the more risky, they can do rock climbing, the gorge is the best place in Morocco for such activity, in fact there are more than 100 official routes that allow climbers to experience the gorge safely.