Africa is an immense territory that includes a multitude of countries of different kinds with an amazing biological diversity, charming people, dreamlike landscapes and ancient history await all its visitors. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It certainly is.

Surely you have thought about them before but you had never really considered visiting the African continent. And since travel always involves precautions, here are the best tips for traveling to Africa for the first time: Take note.


Research the political situation of your destination

When you know where you want to go you will have to do some good research about the stability of the nation. The magic of the continent does not mean that many of its countries are in adverse political situations.


food and water

The safest thing for you is to eat at the hotel where you stay, since for tourists – who are not used to dealing with the region’s water – it can be fatal to consume any food washed or cooked with non-potable water.


Hire a good guide

As it is your first trip to Africa, you will surely be somewhat lost by the greatness of its territory. The best thing you can do to not miss anything and maximize the benefits of your visit is to hire a good guide who knows how to lead you through the savannah.


Carry a first aid kit

Health is something to worry about on this continent, and treating an injury or apparent fever quickly can make all the difference.

In your medicine cabinet you should carry bandages, pain relievers, sterilized needles, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, condoms, anti-allergy and some specialized medications such as antibiotics for dysentery, a common disease in the territory.


medical considerations

It is essential -and for several countries mandatory- that you find out about the most common diseases of the continent on your first trip to Africa and if you need to be vaccinated.