The activities in which humans and animals interact are endless, but are all these options ethical? Of course they are NOT.

If you want your vacation to be free of abuse, there is one thing that you must be very clear about before going to any activity with animals:

-That the definition of animal abuse implies many more things than physical abuse.


Once the concept is understood, the next step will be to find out about the center you want to visit. There are many good options in which, in addition to being able to enjoy the local fauna, we will be contributing to a good cause, such as sanctuaries and rescue centers.

When considering whether to go to a place or not, we should ask ourselves many more questions than the typical ones and not trust any type of information.


Things you must do to contribute to the care of the animals that you will see on your vacation:


-Avoid at all costs touching the animals that you see: When visitors touch the animals it is usually stressful for the animals, and of course it is not an educational tool, since they promote the petting of fauna.

-Inform yourself well about the place of origin of the animals of the place where you are going to see them.

-Opt for educational and controlled tours to these types of places. These controlled visits allow the animals to be respected and the rules are followed, promoting the welfare of the animals.

-Understand that it is a global problem: For this reason, we also have our part of responsibility in the appearance of this type of centers, and it is for this reason that it is so important that we avoid participating in activities of this type when we are on one of our trips, while we support centers that do promote the protection and conservation of wild animals, where the origin of the animals is known and they are really rescued animals.