Rtouring Africa in a single tour is possible with Only One.
If you want to find out if this is true, check out our best tours through several countries on the continent:


South Africa and Eswathi (formerly Swaziland) Safari, scenic and cultural tour of the area 8 days

Kruger National Park,
Bride River Canyon, St Lucia,
A trip to the old kingdom eswastini (formerly Swaziland) that was left behind

Explore the highlights of south Africa’s eastern region sand the Estiwani Kingdom, where there are still few tourists to visit. Enjoy the Big Five in Kruger National Park. The Valley Bride River Canio, called the Grand Canyon in Africa, is overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery.

Take a drive across the border to the old kingdom Eswastini (formerly Swaziland), encounter swazi culture, and experience a different safari at muraura nature reserve. Here you can go cycling or hiking and enjoy a safari on foot. Once again, you’ll find a wide variety of views and cultures from Kwazulu-Natal. You’ll see the unique culture, dance and colorful traditional crafts that the Zulus protect.

The second half of the trip will take you to Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, Africa’s largest kava habitat. You can enjoy boat safaris and bird watching. It is a travel plan recommended for those who want a little different spices while enjoying the safari experience fully, wanting to experience the culture, and enjoying the side road course.


Zimbabwe, Botswana Local 4 days Luna Rainbow

Victoria Falls, ‘Luna Rainbow’
The schedule for 2020 has been announced!
At UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls, one of the world’s three largest waterfalls, a mysterious ‘Luna Rainbow’ is called the ‘Luna Rainbow’ during the full moon night between March and July, when the waterfall volume is high, and around July to July. A rainbow appears.

At night, the rainbow created by the moonlight floats in the air with the water spray of the waterfall as the screen, and this superb view occurs due to the overlapping of limited conditions such as ‘full moon,’ ‘darkness around,’ and ‘waterfall water volume.’ This is a strange phenomenon.

It’s a dark night in the park, so let’s go sightseeing safely with a local guide.
If you’re considering a trip to Africa, why not try out Victoria Falls at this time of year?


Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana Excursion to 3 countries 9 days

‘Chobe National Park’ ‘Moremi Game Reserve’ ‘Subti Wetlands’
‘World’s Three Great Waterfalls Victoria Falls’
The tour starts from the world’s three largest waterfalls, ‘Victoria Falls’, and the next day, go to a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River! Then you’ll visit the Chobe National Park in the world’s largest delta, the Okavango Delta, and the Moremi Game Reserve, where you’ll find plenty of wildlife. Use the Cessna plane to move to your accommodation in the Delta!

An untouched wild paradise is home to a wide variety of animals, and on land, you can meet lions, leopards, elephants, and even hippopotamus and crocodiles that live on the water! !! Let’s take a peek into the different wildlife and nature worlds! We have carefully selected lodges that are luxurious but have blended in naturally.

Please enjoy the exciting yet luxurious space in nature.


Zambia to South Africa. Tour two countries + a one day trip to Botswana (10 days).

Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Cape Town.

A tour of the four main regions in Kruger National Park

The tour begins in Zambia, where we took this cruise tour along the Zambezi River, in sheer luxury. The sunset was glorious and utterly welcoming. The following day, we visited Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world. This time is perfect for visiting the markets in the surrounding towns or simply enjoying a meal with stunning views of the waterfall.

Day 3. We crossed the border on a day trip to Botswana. After a cruise on Chobe River to observe the animals, enjoy a game drive in Botswana’s Chobe National Park, known as the Elephant Paradise.

On the fourth day, we flew to South Africa. Three consecutive nights spent in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Cape Town city tours take you to the picturesque Table Mountain, taking a cable car to the top to enjoy 360 degrees of breathtaking scenery. The next day we visited Boulders Bay, located in the Cape Peninsula, a habitat for penguins and the famous scenic Peaks, where 2 oceans (the Atlantic & the Indian) meet.

The tour concludes with a visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa, famous for the Big Five. I took plenty of time, three nights, to get the best of the game drive experience. Our stay is at a choice of luxurious lodges, carefully selected, where nature and luxury are one.