Imagine yourself traveling in a 4×4, on foot or by bicycle the most impressive national parks of Africa and enjoying its exuberant dauna during the appropriate seasons for your maximum enjoyment.

In this post, we will present several of our tours through the most iconic parks in Africa, where you can fulfill your dream of living the most unique safari of your life:


11 days climbing Kilimanjaro and touring 3 major national parks in Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent, and heal your fatigue at a luxury hotel in Arusha. Experience a safari experience in Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Lake Manyara. For mountaineering, we chose the most popular «Ruta Marangu». After one night in Moshi Town, a base for mountain climbing, we will try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for 5 days.

To acclimatize to the altitude, you can organize two days in Holombot and climb for six days. Our experienced staff will help you with safe mountaineering. Don’t worry about food or your luggage – let us take care of it as well as mountain climbing accompanied by a lead guide, sub guide, cook, and porter. After going down to the mountains, we will head to Arusha to rest in a comfortable hotel.

From the next day, enjoy a two-day tour of Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park the 1st, and at the end of the trip, stop by Lake Manyara.


Zimbabwe, Botswana Local 4 days Luna Rainbow

At UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls, one of the world’s three largest waterfalls, a mysterious ‘Luna Rainbow’ is called the ‘Luna Rainbow’ during the full moon night between March and July, when the waterfall volume is high, and around July to July. A rainbow appears.

At night, the rainbow created by the moonlight floats in the air with the water spray of the waterfall as the screen, and this superb view occurs due to the overlapping of limited conditions such as ‘full moon,’ ‘darkness around,’ and ‘waterfall water volume.’ This is a strange phenomenon.

It’s a dark night in the park, so let’s go sightseeing safely with a local guide.
If you’re considering a trip to Africa, why not try out Victoria Falls at this time of year?


7 days in the unexplored Madagascar

The archipelago of the islands of Madagascar, one of the 4 largest islands in the world, floats in the western part of the Indian Ocean. Since separating from the African continent, it has been evolving independently so much that 80% of the species it houses are native to the island.

You will have a unique experience unlike the safari savannahs of the African continent, here there are no great animals like lions. We will look for the animals that represent Madagascar in the Kirindy Nature Reserve, Andasive National Park, Ankanin Protected Area.


11-day tour of Kenya and Tanzania

This trip takes you through 3 national parks and 2 Game Reserves; Amboseli, Tarangire & Serengeti National Parks, and the Masai Mara Reserve along with the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The tour starts from Nairobi, Kenya. The next day, we will drive to Amboseli N. Park and enjoy Game viewing in the home of Africa’s largest herds of elephant. After two nights, we’ll move to Tanzania by land. We will cross the border and spend the night in Arusha. After breakfast we will depart for Game Drives in Tarangire Park, then, spend 2 nights in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti N. Park. After having our fill of safari experiences in Tanzania, we return to Kenya and conclude with the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Here we will spend two nights, after which we depart for Nairobi on a domestic flight.

A trip to two East African countries offers the one time chance to experience a variety of landscapes, a Game viewing safari in a diversity of environments, a rich African cuisine and certainly, a different perspective of life.


Rwanda gorilla tour, 4 days

The tour starts from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and we move to Volcano National Park the next day with a private car.
After the arrival we will go on expedition in search of gorillas. In the park, gorilla tracking is limited to 8 people per day, the time limit that can be spent with the gorilla is 1 hour.

You can look for gorillas with a group of specialized guides.

The meeting rate with gorillas is more than 90%, and if you’re lucky, you can meet a cute gorilla baby!
A special permit is required to enter the national park, and the benefits obtained are used to protect endangered gorillas.