Although the experience of taking a solo trip draws you a lot of attention, the decision to do it or not will ultimately depend on several factors such as your budget, the availability of dates or the motivations and expectations you have for the destination you want. to go.


Advantages and disadvantages

-You will enjoy absolute independence to plan according to your tastes, doing everything you want without having to adapt to other people. You will have full control of where and how long you want to be.

-Probably the most positive part is that it will increase your confidence and self-esteem considerably. At the end of the trip you will know if you are capable of facing setbacks on your own.

-In case you make a mistake and things don’t go as expected, you won’t have the pressure of having screwed up anyone’s plans or being held accountable for it.


-One of the most negative aspects of traveling alone is the economic issue. No matter where you look at it, vacations will be much more expensive. Restaurants, transport, hotels, food…. Normally the discounts and offers that you can find are intended for groups.

-If you are a person who tends to get bored easily, this type of experience is not for you. At first you may get along well, but since you don’t have company, if it is a long trip it will end up getting heavy since you will have many moments of solitude.