Among the universe of travel literature, we made a varied selection of top books. You will find everything from classic works to transgressive stories. Some stand out for their photos, others for their advice, the recreation of journeys or the creation of worlds.


-1001 Places to visit before you die

From the Australian reefs to the Amazon jungle, Michael Bright, its author, proposes spectacular destinations on five continents.


-Traveller’s Atlas

The author, Kath Stathers, is a traveler who has traveled the five continents. Drawing on her extensive experience, she takes you on activities as diverse as bird watching in Kenya, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, and riding through the clouds in Sri Lanka.


-Survival logbook for traveling as a backpacker

Through colorful and digestible pages, Ixpanea, the author and traveling youtuber, explains what differentiates the backpacker from the tourist. She reminds you what to do before traveling. And she advises you to hitchhike, find accommodation, camp and even face dangers.


-The river of light

Javier Reverte is one of those authors whose travel books you read in one sitting. In them, he combines the rigor of his profession as his journalist and the curious look of the experienced traveler. And he does it without ceasing to print emotion in his words.


-Intrepid and adventurous travelers

We have talked a lot about travelers. Where are the adventurers? In most cases, their stories went unprinted, or are excluded from the History. Luckily, the reporter and traveler Cristina Morató rescues them from oblivion.


-Journey to the Center of the Earth

This novel, a classic by Jules Verne, does not go out of style for its fantastic combination of curiosity, mystery and adventure. So you easily devour it over a weekend, like a Netflix series.