We have collected useful information when traveling to Africa.
What to take, details to consider and tips from the local staff. We invite you to read it before making your trip.

List of things to take

What to bring

● Shirt
Long sleeve and short sleeves. In the daytime, it is good with short sleeves, but at night the temperature is around October in Japan and it is cold.
● Underwear
● Pants
Beige and whitish colours are recommended. The material is linen and cotton breathable.
NG leggings and black skinny jeans on safari!  It makes it easy to be bitten by Tsudezae and mosquitoes.
Black and blue clothing should be avoided.
● Winter clothing
It’s cold in the morning and in the afternoon. The compact jacket, fleece, fleece, etc. are good if there’s something to offer!
● Sleeping clothes
Because there’s a hotel that pajamas don’t leave.
● Swimsuits
The hotel can have a swimming pool.

● Comfortable shoes
We recommend high-cut shoes that cover your ankles. If not, even normal sneakers are fine.
Shoes with heels are dangerous and should be avoided.
● Easy to wear clothes
Warm clothing such as cotton long pants, T-shirts and fleece.

● Sunscreen
The sun is strong is completely necessary
● Sunglasses
Protection against dust and sun
● Scarf
Help us protect ingesting you from dust
● Mask
Protects breathing organs from dust. Substitution is also fine with stagnation.
● Hat
A safari hat is recommended
Malaria prevention completely required
●Stop itching after insect bites

● Tooth cleaner set
● Shampoo
Some hotels have a good selection of services, but if you don’t have them or if you have your own favorites.
● Jabón de limpieza facial, limpieza.
● Maquillaje
● Loción, crema hidratante / aceite.
Protege la piel de la resequedad.¡Los artículos hidratantes son esenciales!
● Sandalias
Conveniente para moverse entre duchas y carpas
● Toallas humedas
Para la gestión de la higiene.
Después de regresar del safari, se llena de polvo, por lo que es útil para limpiar el cuerpo.
● Papel higiénico
● Gel de antibacterial.
● Servilletas

●Daily backpack
Essential to leave your belongings in your large backpack when you leave the hotel.
●Dizziness pills
For those who worry about getting dizzy in the car
If you have unginanelte medications, antibiotics, etc., flu, anti-diarrhea, pain, etc.
●Throat candy
Keeps your throat hydrated.
●Hair dryer
By the time the hotel doesn’t have a power adapter, each country has a different voltage.
Buy it in advance
● Rainclothing.
● Cleaning liquid for contact lenses.
● Glasses, contact lenses.
● Eye drops.
● Q-tips Cotton Swabs
● Sewing kit

● Small lantern.
● Headlights.
● Nail clipper.
● Oid Cleaner.
● Notebook, writing paper.
● Books to Read on Board.
● Animal photo guide.
● Instant miso soup and rice porridge.
By the time the stomach is stuck in the unknown land. It will remove fatigue from the trip♪
●Super plastic bag.
You can buy something, put dirty laundry, it is convenient to prepare some pieces in case of emergency.
Small snacks like sweets.
For a sandwich. You’ll be happy if you eat it as a tip.

With more than 6 months to expire.
● Visa.
● Certificate of accident insurance abroad.
● Air ticket.

Traveler’s checks can hardly be used in Kenya
For cash, the US Dollar is for currency exchange
The US Dollar, new banknotes since 2006, Old banknotes cannot be used
● Certificate of acquisition of yellow fever vaccination.
● Copy of the voucher.
Vouchers are important because they provide proof that the travel agency has renewed the payment.

● Camera
● Standard lens
If you want to enjoy taking pictures of animals, we recommend that you use a DSLR camera.
● Video camera
● Backup battery
● Memory card
● Rechargeable battery
● Binoculars
You may be able to rent it for the tour, but it is better to have your own binoculars.
We recommend one of 8X zoom.
● Conversion plug
BF Type
● Transformer as needed
● Shaver, Dryer
220-240V compatible

● Lens 400 mm or more.
Recommended With a telephoto lens, even distant animals can take good shots.
● Remote control timer.
For those who want to shoot at dawn or in the starry sky intervally.
● Tripod.
You can’t use a tripod in a safari car, but I recommend those who want to photograph the sunrise, or starry skies.
Es útil tenerlo principalmente al momento de la grabación en el albergue o la grabación de video.
● Cleaning kit.
The sand is really strong during the safari. Dust can cause damage to the camera.
Clean the camera properly.
● Polarization filter.
A lens filter that can remove unwanted light reflections. Lightens the color of the blue sky, makes the subject look brighter than the original color and enhances the contrast.
● *bolsa de granos para cámara*
Evita que la cámara se mueva al fotografiar animales en un safari.


  • Most of the places visited on the tour (accommodation venues, souvenir shops, park tickets, the hotel in Zanzibar, etc.) accept dollars as payment. Normally no problem if you don’t change dollars to the local currency, but since in many stores they usually don’t have change, it’s recommendable to bring a lot of small bills (1 or 5 dollars) when buying in stores. It is possible that the change will be delivered to you in the local currency, too.
  • In large souvenir shops, jewelry, large supermarkets or luxury accommodations credit cards can be used. There are also cases where credit card payment points are damaged.
  • Please bring Us Dollars that are from 2006 on. Old dollars can’t be used.
  • Change dollars to Tanzania’s official currency, Tanzanian shilling, it is better to switch from large bills (50 or 100 dollars) as the exchange is more beneficial than with small banknotes.
  • There are often problems with ATMs more or less frequently. There have been cases where they run out of cash, or where the card is trapped by a problem of machine operation. If possible, it is better to refrain from using them, or to do so only as a last resort.


  • In case of cancellation of the trip 30 days before the same, the penalty fee will be 50% of the total price.
  • In case of cancellation between 0 and 30 days before, the criminal charge will be 100% of the total price.