Travel terms and conditions

01. Conclusion of the travel contract.

You will be asked to pay an application fee as defined by the company based on your travel itinerary and the fare agreement. (The application fee will be treated as part of the travel fee, cancellation fee and other money that the traveler must pay to the Company). The Company will promptly notify the traveler of the travel schedule and the content of the travel service once the travel contract is concluded. Please fax or email a document (hereinafter referred to as ‘Contract Document’) describing travel expenses and other travel conditions and matters related to Company liability. We consider that the person in charge of the contract has all the agency’s rights regarding the conclusion of the travel arrangements for the travelers that make up the group / group, except in cases where the special contract is concluded, Related transactions Travel services will be carried out with the contract administrator. Personal information submitted at the time of the request will be used to communicate with clients, as well as arrangements for services provided by shipping / accommodation agencies, etc., and receipt of those services during travel applied by clients. . We will use it to the extent necessary for the procedure. Information received from customers is kept confidential and is never disclosed.

02. Travel fee

The traveler must pay 30% of the travel fee as an application fee to conclude a travel contract. The remaining travel fee must be paid 45 days prior to departure. If the traveler has not been paid on the agreed final payment date, the tour can be canceled. Please note that once the tour has been canceled, the fee will not be refunded. Please note that the payment fee will be borne by the customer.

03. Services

Our services can be found in the description, illustration and quote on our website or in the written agreement of the traveler.

We reserve the right to change the details of the tour by email or on our website before confirming the conclusion of the trip contract with the traveler.

Changes caused by natural disasters, wars, riots, cancellation of travel services such as transportation and accommodation agencies, orders for public offices, delivery of transportation services that are not based on the original plan of operation and other events in which we cannot participate . In the event that it is unavoidable for the safe and smooth implementation of the trip, the travel schedule, explaining the reason why the event cannot be quickly involved and the causal relationship to the event, in advance. The content of the travel service and other content of the travel contract may be modified. However, if it is unavoidable in an emergency, we will explain it after the change.

If the traveler needs special services before or during the trip, he is obliged to enter into a written contract between the company and the traveler.

04. Change in tour price

04.1 Change in tour price

In the case of an increase or decrease caused by a change in the content of the trips due to natural disasters, etc., the company may increase or decrease the amount of the price of the excursion within the amount to increase or decrease.

We are not responsible for changes in applicable fares, transportation, airport taxes, admission charges, or equivalent charges. We will inform the traveler as soon as possible of any changes in fares.

In the event of a natural disaster or an increase in the price of the excursion that is not supervised by the company, the Company must notify the traveler to this effect on or before the day before the start date of the excursion, which will be 21 Days before the start date of the excursion.

04.2 Changes in the amount of travel expenses

Any increase in fares resulting from changes in the traveler’s travel must be paid promptly. Examples of changes in the number of trips include flight boarding errors, delays in meeting times, health, personal or legal problems when you must leave the country, or expenses due to illness or accident while traveling.

You must pay immediately after your trip for expenses that we have replaced in an emergency.

05. Right of cancellation of the company, etc.

05.1 Cancellation before the start of the trip.

If we do not reach the minimum number of people listed in the contract, we may terminate the travel contract at least 14 days before the start of the trip.Any travel agreement terminated by us at least 14 days in advance will immediately frighten the traveler. More claims will be accepted.

05.2 Cancellation after the start of the trip

  1. When the traveler cannot bear the continuation of the trip due to illness, absence of necessary assistants or other reasons.
  2. It violates the discipline of collective behavior by insulting or intimidating the direction of our company by travelers or other people so that the traveler can carry out the trip safely and without problems, attacking or intimidating these people or other accompanying travelers. When it interferes with the safe and smooth implementation of the trip.
  3. Natural disasters, wars, riots, cancellation of the provision of travel services, such as transportation and accommodation, orders from public offices or other events in which we cannot participate, and it is impossible to continue the trip. .

In the case of the previous paragraph, the Company will pay the cancellation fee, the penalty fee, etc., for the amount of the portion of the price of the trip related to the travel service for which the traveler has not yet received the offer. . We will reimburse the traveler the amount deducted from the costs that must be paid.

06. Right of cancellation of travelers

Travelers can cancel all or part of their travel arrangements at any time.

When the travel contract is canceled, the traveler is required to pay for the travel services that the traveler has already provided, or the cancellation fees, penalty charges and other means of transportation and accommodation for travel services that have not yet been Have provided. In addition to paying it or paying it from now on, you also need to pay us the cancellation procedure fee prescribed by the Company and the handling fee that the Company should obtain.

<Cancellation procedure cost>

30% of the total cancellation cost / travel costs 30 days or less before the start date of the trip
100% of the total cost of the cancellation / travel expenses from 29 days after the start date of the trip

08. Claim for compensation

The traveler will only be notified one month after the end of the trip when they reimburse the company for damages. The arranger, tour guide or local travel agent does not have the right to be notified.

The notification of illegal conduct by the company must be submitted within three years after the termination of the travel contract in accordance with international law. The jurisdiction over any notification is under the jurisdiction of Panama.

09. Liability limitation

If the company incurs any damage due to the intention or negligence of the traveler, said traveler must compensate the damage. In case of any damage not related to the company, the Company must notify the relevant agent.

Excursions such as mountaineering, trekking and mountain biking involve the performance of an adventure sport, and be aware that the risk of accidents increases. These dangers are unavoidable, even for the most careful and experienced tour guides. It is always the responsibility of the traveler to participate in adventures such as definitive climbing, trekking, horseback riding, rafting and mountain biking.

10. Immigration and health management.

Travelers are fully responsible for entering passports, customs, visas, coins, etc. And health restrictions. The disadvantages of all restrictions must also be addressed by the traveler after the travel contract has been confirmed. We will notify travelers of any changes as soon as possible.

11. Insurance abroad

We recommend that you subscribe to travel insurance (with contingency insurance) .After the start of the trip, if the original itinerary is changed due to the strike by the airline or local, and there are additional costs (such as the diversion of the domestic flight (change of rates, hotel addition fee, additional charge of guide agreement and car transfer), but, as indicated in the travel conditions document of our company, we have no responsibility for the travel company. You will be billed for the costs.

We suggest contacting your insurance company to verify your travel coverage and possible time extensions for unexpected delays.