How many times do we have a thousand unforeseen events on a trip and we are never prepared, well that is over with this post with the best advice for this type of traveler:

-Do not skimp on expenses, remember that it must be of very good quality so that it does not cause problems during the trip and lasts a long time.

-You should only take what is necessary and what you can really use such as a flashlight, knife or a small razor, a compass, GPS, a lighter and a basic first aid kit. Things that can get you out of trouble and have several uses.

-Your safety comes first.

-Try to bring an extra pair of tennis shoes for those inconveniences. In addition to a change of clothes that suits the climate of the place, sunglasses, sunscreen and mosquito bite protector.

-You should not forget that drinking water is important if you do impact physical activities.




These tips will make you a star adventurer and ready for any situation… And remember, never stop traveling!