Traveling is a truly incredible experience, especially for that person who loves to go on an adventure at all times.

A map, a backpack and a desire to conquer the world is basically all that is needed.

These are some of the essential ingredients of a true adventure, since even the most daring needs some good advice, because to be a good traveler you need very little and the rewards are endless.


-The lighter, the better. Clothes and any gadget you need can always be found along the way, and it is an ideal way to wear souvenirs and blend in with the country’s culture.

-Leave aside the idea of buying a card to have mobile data, and connect only when you happen to find a corner with wi-fi.

– It is much better to get to know a country in depth and go through it from top to bottom, than to peck at several countries without really knowing any of them.

-You just need some organization and know how you will get from one place to another.

-We recommend that you scan your most important documents (either passport, visa or vaccination letter…) and save them on a USB memory that you always carry with you.


Get a ball of the world, close your eyes and let your finger randomly choose your next destination. Of course, before embarking on the adventure, keep in mind these 6 tips that will make your life a little easier when you are away from home. Bon voyage!