When to travel to Malawi? It is an important question that we must ask ourselves before traveling to any part of this country. And today, we will help you know the best time to travel to Malawi.

The first thing you should know is that the climate of Malawi can be classified between subtropical and tropical and is essentially characterized by a great rainy season.

Due to the diversity of Malawi’s landscape, regional climatic differences are considerable.

It has a subtropical climate with a rainy season from late November to March and a dry season from April to early November. We recommend this last season to organize your trip to Malawi, and especially the months between June and August, as the heat at this time is ideal to relax on the shore of Lake Malawi.

The dry season lasts from May to October. During this time, May through August is a cooler season with bright sunshine and cool nights.

Temperatures begin to rise in September and remain high during the rainy season from November to April. The heaviest rains are common in December, January and February.


The best time to travel in Malawi depends, as always, on the desired activities and the preferred type of trip. While some «repeat offenders» appreciate the special atmosphere and tranquility of the rainy season, the dry season is definitely the one preferred by most travelers.