If you have not decided when to travel to Morocco, but you need to know what is the best time to travel to Morocco. Well, let’s see it in great detail.


Morocco is a country where visitors can enjoy culture and nature in equal parts: leisure, emotions, the discovery of a civilization, festivals, hiking in the desert or in the mountains … The best thing is that you can enjoy of this practically the whole year.

But, it could be said that the best time to visit Morocco is between March and May, that is, during the spring. During this time the climate is pleasant and whether you go to the mountains or to the coast, there will be neither rain nor too much heat.

Another perfect time to visit the country is in autumn, between October and December, they are months with good temperatures and less influx of tourists.

One of the characteristics of the Moroccan climate is the difference between day and night, as well as between winter and summer.
Only the Atlantic coast has moderate temperatures. The rains are usually irregular and often abundant on the hills in autumn and spring, if they are also combined with the hot and dry weather already in May, they will make you know the cold and the heat, the rain and the sun.




Morocco will always be an excellent option!