This African country has a tropical savanna climate, which means that it is warm in all seasons, so practically all seasons in the country are ideal for your tours of the territory.

In fact, in Uganda, the weather is pleasant in more than 67% of the territory during. The temperature varies greatly in the country depending on the forms of the relief of each region. Thus, the inhabitants of the north of the country have to suffer very high temperatures, while in the mountain territories the temperature plummets and it is not uncommon for snow to cover the entire landscape.

The first dry season usually lasts from late December to late February, and the second from June to early September.

In contrast, the periods from March to the end of May and from September to November can be described as the rainy season in Uganda due to heavy rains in some cases.

If you want to have the best time to visit the country, we advise you to travel between June and September. The temperatures are not that high and it hardly rains. From October to the end of November, on the other hand, there are more chances of rain, but you have the advantage of having more facilities to see the gorillas