2022 was undoubtedly the year of openings. After almost two years of staying at home, we have been able to travel again and have launched ourselves to our beloved dream destinations.

In 2023, travelers will go one step further and deepen these experiences with a positive impact on the places and towns we visit.

We will dive into new and cutting-edge wellness practices. These are the travel trends of 2023:


Virtual travelers

Virtual travelers, 39% of travelers will use virtual reality to be inspired by their choice.


Enjoy outside the comfort zone

In 2023, people want to enjoy unique and amazing vacations. Nearly three-quarters (72%) want to take a trip outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, there will be a wide range of extreme experiences.


Travel for personal growth

Personal growth retreats will be a very popular tool for people to reach their full potential.

Why will it be relevant in 2023? After a year of traveling to have fun, relax and reunite after the pandemic, 2023 will be the year in which we travel to improve ourselves as people. Whether it’s to overcome grief, identify your vocation in life or discover what your body is physically capable of.


Less air travel

Now that we are more flexible and environmentally conscious, exchanging air tickets for multi-destination trips by bus, train and boat without organizational headaches and allowing you to make the most of travel time, is a travel trend this 2023 as a slower and more ecological way to enjoy our adventures.


film tourism

We’ve spent a good part of 2020 and 2021 glued to the screen, so it’s no surprise that our love of movies and series creeps into our travel plans for 2023. This year, many travelers will be looking to explore the landscapes featured in your favorite series, and these visits will be the perfect excuse to enjoy an exciting vacation in a new place.


remote work

A way of combining work and leisure that consists of working remotely from holiday destinations to take advantage of free time in a different way.


Which of all these trends fits into your perfect vacation plan?