We all know that plastic takes centuries to disappear, that this material and many others almost always end up in the sea and that animals, the seabed and the beaches are the first to suffer from a long black list of those affected.

Since recycling is something that is not always within our reach while we travel, either because we don’t know where there are bins or because we only have a bin in which we throw everything, if we want to reduce the impact even while we are traveling, we can still do something to travel without a trace:

The first thing we must take into account is the rule of the 3 »R»: Reduce, recycle and reuse.

When buying something, then why not choose biodegradable or reusable packaging? Our pocket will thank you. And, taking into account how cheap it is to eat in street stalls in many countries, why would we want to buy takeaway food with the packaging that always comes with these? Some travelers even prefer to carry their own cutlery in their backpack, which will also serve for picnics or camping.

What about soft drinks and beers? It is better to buy the glass bottle format that can also be returned for reuse. And with respect to water, what do you think about buying your own canteen that you can refill with water every time you need it?

It may seem like a lot to think about, but changing habits is only a matter of time.

It may not be in our hands to educate people, but our gestures can be significant and if we change habits in the long run these customs can spread among other travelers and people who see us daily and sometimes, for no reason. They even admire us simply because we come from another part of the world.