Doing the search for lists with travel tips can be exhausting, especially if when reading them some of their steps seem irrelevant and even unnecessary.

So, at Only One we came up with an alternative guide for humans who want to travel without traditional guides. here it goes


  • Always think that the journey never ends, even if you return home. So take care of making your trip an unforgettable experience.
  • Travel where you decide and long to go. Ignore the guides, make your own travel itinerary. Yes, take good care of yourself.
  • Doing nothing and enjoying it is also a good plan.
  • You can travel even without leaving home, you find the way you can get into the «mood».
  • Pay attention, you will see how everything becomes interesting.
  • You don’t need to know everything, take advantage of what is within your reach and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Accept the path and its plans for you.
  • It is normal to feel tired, want to stay in the hotel for a day, get bored, not be impressed with what you see and that is not bad either.
  • The duration of the trip does not matter.
    Be happy and enjoy to the fullest and at your own pace.