As a woman, traveling alone can be hugely rewarding and a bit intimidating. Normally, these fears are transmitted by others. It is their own fears and doubts that do not allow us to take the step. But if you do not make the decision, when you look back, the one that may regret not having launched to travel the world, it will be you,

The fear of traveling alone is one of the great impediments when undertaking a trip. For this reason, we get down to work and want to encourage you to travel alone by giving you this free guide of tips for your travels in Africa.


Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you

  • Always make sure you stay in a hotel or guesthouse that makes you feel safe.
  • If you feel like you are being followed, go to the nearest store or hotel and ask for help.
  • Use a reputable taxi service.
  • Know and establish what your physical and mental limits are and do not hesitate to act if you feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  • Stay calm and listen to your intuition.


Do not close yourself to meeting new people

Traveling can be the opportunity to have super interesting and different conversations with people from other cultures.


Communicate your plans to family members

Provide family members with information about where you will stay and time spent in each place.


Have the option of traveling with tour operators

Doing so will help her to surround herself with other travelers who have the same desire to visit a place and there a friendship can be formed.

If you are planning a solo trip but don’t necessarily want to spend all your time alone, there are many ways to find other people to travel with. One of the best is to buy a popular guidebook.

So dare to travel and get to know Africa together with other women on our 7-day Local Women-Only Tour in Kenya.