Our list of resolutions for before the new year arrives is very broad, and of course it focuses on trips, which after all are the best investment that can be made, each trip gives us something, each trip makes us More rich.


Go on safari and experience your own Out of Africa

Whether or not you have done a safari before, contact with African nature and nights around the fire should be on the list and every year we find new places to visit.


See and hear Victoria Falls roar

An African classic between Zimbabwe and Zambia, did you know that they are twice as big as Niagara Falls? An extraordinary show that cannot be missed in the resolutions for before the new year.


Ride a balloon

And if it can be at dawn, in the Masai Mara, and following in the footsteps of The Great Migration.


Visit the last Mountain Gorillas in their environment

It is always a must in every traveling resume. Going up on foot to the mountains in the heart of Africa and seeing a family of gorillas in their habitat in person is a unique and unforgettable experience that we will never tire of recommending.