Yes, packing can be frustrating and can drive you crazy or throw everything out the window, we’ve brought you our best packing tips and a six-step checklist that will take packing to the next level:


-Pack your suitcase the night before, regardless of the time you are going to fly and, most importantly: that-it-weighs-little.

-Make the process easier by choosing outfits and clothes that you wear regularly, instead of rummaging through your entire closet.

-Don’t stress, remember that you can buy most things at your destination (and, because you’ll find it attractive, you’ll take home with you a new coat, hat or fantastic pair of boots)

-Try to travel carrying only a small suitcase with wheels and remember to roll all your clothes instead of folding them. It really saves a lot of space and helps prevent wrinkles.

-Prepare everything carefully, so that you only take what you are really going to use.

-Start by locating the essential things; In my case they are: running shoes, bathing suit, sunglasses and a book.

– Spend a few days going over everything and fight the temptation to impulsively fill the suitcase.

-Always carry a spare.

-Save those cloth bags they give you when you buy new shoes or bags and use them to wrap smaller items, like socks, underwear or bathing suits.

– Don’t forget to bring an extra bag for dirty clothes!

-Always start with the essentials and make sure you have the basics covered

– Check the weather report and pack the essentials for the place you are going.

-Fear not, you shouldn’t buy a bunch of mini products to replace your 100ml+ products. Just visit your nearest supermarket or pharmacy and buy a set of travel containers.

-Be minimalist, pack only the most basic. Do you already have your passport, phone, charger, bag and deodorant? You are ready to go, literally.




Maybe it’s an unconventional approach to packing but all those spaces can be filled with all the things you accumulate on your trip, make room for your new favorite chocolates, books or a hat you bought on impulse at the beach.