April is the ideal month to get to know some of the most iconic destinations on the African continent.

Discover here our available tours for this month:


Namibian Desert Local 4-Day Mixed Loading Tour

Overnight lodge, Namib Desert Express.
This is a mixed tour recommended for those who want to go to only the Namib Desert that they yearn for.

Stay for 2 nights in the lodge around Naukluft National Park and visit the Dune 45, Dead Frey and Sessriem Valley. Since it runs daily from Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, we recommend a round trip in combination with Cape Town in South Africa.


Local Monday departure only! Namibia mixed loading tour 8 days

Namib Desert, Etosha National Park,
An adventure journey around Swakopmund
This limited-edition tour departs Monday from Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. For private tours, we will introduce mixed tours with a low price so that as many people as possible can travel, even though the price is high in Namibia.

In addition to the Namib Desert, you will also experience a safari experience in Etosha National Park and a visit to Swakopmund, where the German-style streets are lovely. Participation by one person is also possible.


Meet the Whale Nishiland Gorilla Gabon 5-Day Trip

Experience a land and water safari in Gabon, a treasure trove of nature!
Although it is a country that is not very familiar to Japanese people, the Republic of Gabon is located in Central Africa, where more than 80% of the land is forest and the untouched nature with 13 national parks is attractive.

Despite its compact schedule, it offers a wide variety of whale watching, gorilla tracking and local Benga tribes.
Experience safari in a variety of styles including walking, boating, and cars in the Roango National Park, which is rich in lagoons, marshes, and rainforests.
Observe rare animals such as buffalo with red fur and forest elephants that live in the forest.


Kenya Uganda Two country tour

«Lake Nakuru National Park» «Masai Mara National Reserve»
«Bwindi Primeval National Park» Local 7 nights 8 days
In Kenya, we are looking for wildlife in the vast nature at Lake Nakuru National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve.
There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the life story that unfolds in front of you!

In Uganda, we trek through virgin forests where endangered and endemic species remain in search of gorillas in Bwindi National Park.
Meeting with the endangered Bwindi Gorilla will be a wonderful experience far beyond your imagination.