Imagine being able to know the marine fauna of South Africa through large fish tanks with hundreds of species that will amaze you even with a glass wall in between.

You can fulfill this traveling fantasy in one of the most impressive aquariums in Africa.

Two Oceans Aquarium, South Africa

The first aquarium on our list gets its name from its location, between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. This place includes several exhibition galleries with large windows, among which are:


  • Skretting Diversity Gallery showing marine life from South Africa’s two oceans and the main Benguela and Agulhas currents that dominate its shores alongside Knysna seahorses, moray eels, clownfish, cryptic klipfish, starfish, compass jellyfish, shysharks and among other foreign species.


  • Predator exhibit featuring ragged-toothed sharks, as well as various other fish.


  • Penguin exhibit where you can see African black-footed penguins, northern grasshopper penguins, African black oystercatcher, mole snake, western leopard toads, and African clawed frogs.


  • Seaweed forest exhibit, here you can see an underwater forest home to shoals of inshore fish such as white mussels, steenbras and spotted gully sharks, and live specimens of South African seaweed species, sea bamboo, split fan algae and bladder algae.