If you are one of those who dreams of trying typical dishes of each place you travel to or, if you are amazed at the fact of tasting part of the region you visit in a single bite; This article is for you.

Africa, as we have already mentioned, has a gastronomy as unique as its culture and variety. It allows you to taste each of its colors and environments in the dishes it has to offer us.

Something very interesting is that when Africans eat desserts, they generally prefer fresh fruits or fruit salads. Some of the prepared desserts that can be found have been imported from European kitchens.

But, today we will enter the continent to know the most typical desserts of Africa.



This is one of the few typical sweets from the Congo, it is made with couscous. Traditionally it was made with similar products made from available African grains such as fonio, millet or corn. Among its ingredients it contains butter, Greek yogurt, vanilla, nutmeg and chopped dried fruits.



One of the typical desserts from Africa, especially from the central regions of the continent. It is made up of a type of granola made from rice, peanut butter, and sugar.


Mandazi or Mahamri

Mahamri are the traditional rolls of the Swahili people, originally from Kenya. They are not especially sweet, but coconut milk is added instead of ordinary milk to give them a sweeter point. They are commonly used for dipping sauces, as an aperitif, for breakfast, and as a dessert. So take a look at the number of options they offer us.



Born in the Cape Malay tribe, but now they can be found throughout South Africa as the most viewed typical African dessert. It is made of a dough similar to that of a donut but, it is shaped like a braid and is covered with sugar syrup, and sometimes with grated coconut.


Eish Saraya

This is a typical dessert native to Egypt. And, the truth is that Egyptians know well what they do in their kitchens. Milk and honey are usually its most common ingredients, but in this case it does not use either of these two elements. It is basically made of bread, cinnamon, vanilla, and cream. It is very sweet and very cloying, as is typical among Egyptian pastries.


The good thing about all this is being able to innovate, and being able to try new textures, flavors and smells.