To speak of Uganda is to mention an expanding country with great potential.

Also known as «the pearl of Africa», it is full of very interesting places. It is home to ten incredible national parks and many other protected areas that boil with biodiversity and that offer the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of African fauna without being so frequented by tourists.

And today, we will visit some of the most interesting places in Uganda.


Kampala: capital city and gateway to Uganda

Busy Kampala is Uganda’s commercial, political and logistical center, but also one of the quietest and friendliest cities in East Africa … Like any African capital, Kampala is a large, noisy city full of street life.

This small town serves as the main point of entry and exit to the country.


Bwindi the Impenetrable Forest

Seeing gorillas in Uganda is one of the great African adventures and one of the best safaris in Africa. If it is one of your goals as an adrenaline-obsessed traveler, Bwindi and its tours to see these majestic creatures are your ideal place.

This majestic forest is the place to go in Uganda for your gorilla trekking experience. The Bwindi National Park is home to half the population of this species on the planet. Not to mention the beauty of its mountains and forests.


Murchison Falls National Park: Wildlife Watching, River Cruises, and Bird Watching

With the River Nile carefully crossing Uganda’s largest park, you’d expect a wide variety of animals at Murchison Falls and you’d be right. It is where to go in Uganda for the classic higher reserve species such as the elephant, buffalo, lion, hippopotamus and with a bird count of nearly 500 types, Murchison Falls also has chimpanzees and colobus monkeys in its forests.

The piece de resistance, however, is to cross by boat the spectacular falls into which the thunderous Nile squeezes through a 7-meter cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment.


Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s second major protected area in the south-west of the country, it is the most popular and accessible savanna reserve in the country and is home to elephants, buffalo, leopards, numerous species of antelope and the famous tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha Plains.

If the day is clear and you can see the peaks of more than 5,000 meters of the Margarita peak, the Stanley peak … the visual spectacle is guaranteed.


Kibale Forest National Park: Primates, Birds and Butterflies

Fast becoming a must-see destination in Uganda, the Kibale Forest offers visitors an accessible and enlightening glimpse into life in a rainforest. The large mammals are not that easy to see, but the dazzling butterfly clouds and beautiful forest birds more than make up for it, plus Kibale is famous for its primates. Take guided chimpanzee walks in the majestic forest and see how many of the other 12 species of primates you can observe.