As seasoned travelers, we realize that planning a vacation can take a long time.

But thanks to technology we can use certain tools that will facilitate certain tasks. Find out our recommendations below:


With the advancement of technologies, it is now much easier to organize and be able to take greater control both when planning the trip and when they are already travelling.

When organizing, they can use Google Drive spreadsheets, where they can write down data such as the dates of each flight or bus, what they are going to do each day at the destination, etc. In addition, we recommend creating an exclusive Whatsapp or Telegram group for the trip to keep in touch.

Another very useful tool are the applications that help you keep track of individual and group expenses and debts, such as Splitwise, where you can write down what each person pays and calculate what you owe each other.

And of course, don’t forget about Google Photos. Create a shared folder where you collect all the memories of the trip and so you don’t have to be sending each photo or video by Whatsapp or email.