Our work does not end by recommending tours of the best beaches on the island or explaining the reasons why you should visit its crystal clear waters.

In fact, our main concern is that in addition to being able to offer you an experience full of adrenaline and delight; you can venture in the safest way possible by following our exclusive recommendation guides.

This time around, this advice post is aimed at Mauritius, so sit back and take note:


Visa and passport

Residents of the European Union will not need visas for a stay of less than 90 days. And you must have a valid passport to enter the country.


Vaccines and medications

The ideal way to know what vaccines you should have to visit any exotic country is to go to the nearest international vaccination center.

But, something that you should take into account is that in Mauritius it is mandatory to get vaccinated against yellow fever and take concerns with the bite of mosquitoes because cases of Chikungunya have been detected. To do this, it is advisable to use repellants and cool clothing that covers all parts of the body.

It is also recommended that, in addition to vaccines, you carry a small first-aid kit with the most basic just in case, such as: paracetamol, ibuprofen, for diarrhea, etc.


Travel insurance

The quality of the island’s health system is quite good, in fact they have excellent health facilities (4 public hospitals and 8 private clinics), especially in large cities. In any case, it is essential to take out travel insurance that can cover the high costs of any incident.



The wonderful climate of Mauritius allows us to travel throughout the year with summer clothes: swimsuits, cotton clothes, comfortable shoes and sunglasses.

Also, on winter nights (from July to September) it gets quite cool (relatively), so it is advisable to wear a light jacket.


Solar protection

The sun in Mauritius burns a lot even in winter, regardless of the time of year you travel and the clouds and rains.


Plan your trip to Mauritius with Only One

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