Rwanda is a country made up of a mountainous landscape of swampy marshes, plateaus, and magnificent animals. So it is to be expected that it has destinations as incredible as its ecosystems and culture.

So in this post we will tell you a little about those destinations that are a must to visit.


Volcan National Park

The Volcán National Park is made up of five dormant volcanoes, with the highest peak on Mt. There are said to be about 650 mountain gorillas at the foot of the mountain. Currently, 13 groups of mountain gorillas have been identified in the park, in large groups of approximately 30 heads. You can visit eleven of the groups, each named Amahoro, Susa, Karisimbi, Hiruwa .。



Ruhengeri is a small town located in the northwestern part of Rwanda, 25 km from the Ugandan border, with a population of 70,000. You will be able to see a beautiful landscape surrounded by Lake Lejon, Lake Brela and the volcano. The people are friendly and many speak English because they were originally Belgian colonies.


Nguyen National Park

Nguyen National Park is a vast forest park where virgin forest extends into mountainous areas and has many unique plants. Here is an important protected area for wildlife and we can find 13 types of primates, such as chimpanzees and colobus. It is also famous for the fact that more than 200 kinds of birds inhabit, and many people visit it as the destination for bird watching.


Kivu lake

Lake Kibu is a lake near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and has become a landlocked resort in Rwanda. People in Rwanda visit often!


Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park, one of three national parks in Rwanda, consists of five non-active volcanoes, as derived from its name. The highest peak is the 4,507 m Kaliminbi volcano, and some 650 mountain gorillas are said to inhabit the foot of the mountain. You can see wild gorillas here in Volcan National Park.



If we have convinced you to visit Rwanda with this list of its most iconic places, you can start your adventure through the country right now by choosing any of our two tours through the territory:


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